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For Immediate Release - 17 May 2010 - REMINDER NOTICE
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - Attention Volunteers, Street Outreach, Street Ministries and Service Providers that help the homeless.  Homeless Helpers Task Force is having its first meeting this Thursday the 20th of May to learn how we can better serve our homeless friends and neighbors currently living on the streets of Indianapolis.
Do You Help The Homeless? Homeless & ReEntry Helpers, Inc. (HRH) has formed Homeless Helpers Task Force (HHTF).  This new task force is intended to bring together all the street outreach, street ministries and service providers together that are currently working with, and those that would like to start working with, the homeless.  By working together as a unified and organized team, we can help  solve some of the short-term problems of the homeless that will eventually get them off the streets of Indianapolis into a safer environment.  From there, we will be working with the professional service providers that will help the homeless obtain the goods and services they will need to get back on their feet, and in time get into permanent housing.  If you are interested in helping the homeless in any way, please go to our web site and sign up for on our weekly newsletter and you will be notified of the date, time and location of all of our upcoming meetings.

Who Will Be in Attendance: Anyone that is ready willing and able to be a volunteer, teacher, tutor or mentor (we call HELPERS) to the homeless.  We have also invited officials from the City of Indianapolis as well as Officials from C.H.I.P., H.I.P. Horizon House, I.M.P.D. Wheeler Mission, and they have all accepted our invitation.  They will be at the meeting to inform us of what their organizations are currently doing, and planning to do to help the homeless.  They will not be members of our Task Force but will be asked to participate in future meetings in an advisory capacity.  It is important that the Task Force knows what they are doing, and it is important that they know what we are doing so we can all start working together.

Date of Our First Organizational Meeting: Thursday the 20th of May from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.  The location is the Indy Faith Building at 1100 W. 42nd St. (intersection of W. 42nd & N. Michigan Rd.).   Please stop by and see how working together can "Bring it all Together for the Homeless".  Please R.S.V.P., but it is not necessary.  Plus, bring any of your friends that may want to volunteer to help the homeless.

Our Purpose: Is to make sure that all the homeless persons that we can find, have access to: 1) Food, water, clothing, and personal hygiene items; 2) Information on where they can get help with some type of housing that will get them off the street into a safe environment; such as shelters, transitional and supportive housing; 3) Information on where they can get professional help such as counseling for mental health, medical problems, drug and alcohol addictions, etc., and; 4) A relationship with a new friend, spiritual help, or just someone they can talk to about their faith and/or their needs.

Our Goal: Is to bring together, organize, and train volunteers, street outreach, street ministries, and service providers who are currently working with, or wants to work with, the homeless community to set some rules and guidelines for ourselves that will; “Bring It All Together for the Homeless” in a way that will be helpful and not hurtful.
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