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Weekly Newsletter 18 August 08 for www.IndianaHelpers.com
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Editor's Notes -
We have compiled almost 500 local service providers in the "Indy Metro Area" that claim they have the resources to help the homeless and those in and out of the prison system.  We still anticipate that all of this information will be added to our site by the end of this month.  We will keep you informed.
Our News -
Grants - Request for Proposals - 1st Deadline is 18Aug08 - The City of Indianapolis Purchasing Division for the City Community Crime Prevention Task Force requests grant proposals from qualified non-profit organizations to participate in A Community Crime Prevention Grant for The City of Indianapolis – Community Crime Prevention Task Force | Click here For Additional Information
Our Events Calendar -
19Aug08 Tuesday - Warren Township Trustee - Just a reminder that staff from Covering Kids & Families will be in our lobby on Tuesday, August 19 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to answer questions and help folks get registered for Wishard Advantage and Hoosier Healthwise.  And don't forget our homeowner/homebuyer workshop this weekend starting at 9:00 a.m. Hope to see you here! | Carrie Radabaugh, MPP, Community Outreach Coordinator, Warren Township Trustee's Office, 317-327-8954
22Aug08 Friday - Offender Re-Entry Forum - Sponsored by HO2PE House and H.E.L.P. - QUESTION - 1) Are you tired of someone else trying to define your problems?  2) Does it seem “your” door of opportunity is locked from both sides? 3) Are the dreams and goals you once had now a vague memory?  4) Do you feel like you’re in this all by yourself?  5) Are you trying to help an incarcerated, soon to be released loved one and don’t know where to turn?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, this is the forum for you!  | 6:00pm at Lafayette Square Mall, Emmaus Christian Church, 3919 N. Lafayette Rd. | Click for a HO2PE Brochure
25Sep08 Use What You Got Ministries - On behalf of the Board of Directors, Cecelia Whitfield Founder & Executive Director would like to invite you and your staff/church to our 3rd Annual Award’s Dinner.  Our Theme: “People Can Change”  Our speakers are: Maxine Bryant & Angela Johnson.  | For additional information click on Award's Dinner Flyer
Our Job Fairs Calendar -

IN DOC Job Fairs | Jobs Listed in the Indy Star
Our FYI Page - Over 150 Topics in 30 categories
Our FYI Page is a list of Topics that can be printed out for easy reference.  This "Single Source" information page contains information from Adoption, Aids/HIV to Victim Assistance & Voters Registration.  It is meant to help you find basic information on goods, services, and information - FAST.  If you have anything to add to Our Quick Reference Page, or you find something wrong on the page, please email me at Hawkins@IndianaHelpers.com.  Thank you.
Our Needs -
Arts & Crafts Materials Needed - The Pendleton Correctional Facility has immediate need for volunteers that can teach musical instruments, and any kind of musical Instruments you may have that are still in good working order that you may want to donate to the prison - they are also looking for all types of arts and crafts supplies for their Arts and Crafts classes.

Nursery Items Needed - Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) is looking for all types of nursery items for its new Nurseries at the Indiana Women's Prison and the Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility.  For more information and a list of items needed, please Click on: PDF Flyer for the PREF Nursery
Men's Clothing Needed - Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF) is looking for hygiene items, men's cloths - Shirts, pants, shoes, etc. - Especially the larger sizes XL and 2XL.  Click here for a PDF flyer for Clothing
Men's Clothes' Needed - Plainfield Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) - Lisa Powers, RDC's Public Information Officer is currently in need of men’s clothing (for offender releases). All sizes of pants, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, undergarments and shoes are all needed.  She can be reached at: 317-839-7727 # 3005.
Candy Needed - The Marion County Reentry Court (REC) is based on the problem solving court model and uses incentives and sanctions in order to modify participant behavior. A common incentive which is given to participants who are in compliance with the program is candy.  We are in need of candy bar donations for the Reentry Court.  To donate candies contact Jennifer Fillmore at 317-327-4917.  To find out more information about our court please go to Superior Court ReEntry Programs
Personal Hygiene Items Needed - The Marion County Reentry Court (REC) is in need of personal care items for participants.  Items can include: shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, soap, shaving crème, razors, etc. REC has raffle drawings for participants in the “good group” once a month and we are giving away “Care Packages”.  Please call 327-4917 if you are interested in giving.
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Our prisons in Indianapolis, Plainfield, and Pendleton are in need of persons that can serve "inside" the prison system as Teachers, Tutors, Mentors and Instructors.  If you would like to be a volunteer (Helper), please Click on HRH's Contact-Us Page, or call Don Hawkins at 317-547-0500 #11 and he can help direct you to an organization that can use your special services and talents.  To contact the Indiana Department of Correction directly, Please click on: Indiana D.O.C. for additional information, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. Volunteer Form.
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