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AIDS / HIV -  For information on AIDS or HIV, Click on: IU Health | In Indy, Visit: Methodist Hospital, 1633 N. Capitol Ave., Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call: 317-962-7000, 317-962-3724 or 317-963-5039 | 317-962-2455 fax | They provide outpatient medical services, care coordination, social support, and access to AIDS clinical drug trials for HIV positive and AIDS patients. They also offer Free HIV testing.
ALCOHOL ANONYMOUS - Click on: Indy AA (Indianapolis Intergroup, Inc.) or Find an AA Meeting Now  | AA is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they many solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. | Visit: 136 East Market, Suite 1030, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-632-7864 | 317-631-5099 Espanola | 317-632-2155 fax
ALCOHOL COUNSELING / TREATMENT - Click on: Drug Free Marion County.  Its comprised of concerned citizens dedicated to preventing and reducing the negative consequences from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Marion County.  Drug Free Marion County is located at 2506 Willowbrook Parkway, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46205, 317-254-2815 voice, 317-254-2800 fax | Fairbanks- Inpatient Treatment, 8102 Clearvista Pkwy., Indianapolis, IN 46256, 317-849-8222 | Harbor Light -  Residential Addiction Treatment Program (Salvation Army), 2400 N. Tibbs Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222, 317-972-1450 | Indianapolis Urban League, 777 Indiana Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-693-7603 | Community Addiction Services of Indiana  1125 Brookside Avenue, Suite I, Indianapolis IN 46202, 317-536-7100 or 317-536-7101
ATR - Indiana Access to Recovery is a SAMHSA discretionary grant aimed at expanding the chemical dependency recovery infrastructure in the state to include both faith-based and community organizations that have traditionally not been involved in chemical dependency recovery. Indiana ATR funds will be available for adults at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, residing in Allen, Elkhart, Lake, Marion, St. Joseph, Vanderburgh, and Vigo counties. For more information, call 317-234-0902 or Click on: IN Access to Recovery
BACKGROUND (History) CHECKS - Do you want to know what almost everyone that has a computer can find out about you? - Their are several online companies that provide these services. Click on: Background Checks or Background Check Resources or Background Check Record Search -  These reports include: Statewide Criminal Background Check, Current and Previous Addresses, Phone Numbers, Family Members and Neighbors, Property Records, Bankruptcies and more!  This is the cheapest way to check on yourself, but it must be done thru the computer/internet, it is not a free services, and you must have a credit/debit card.  No address or phone numbers are available.
BANKING (Checking) ACCOUNTS - Do you want to open a Checking or Savings Account and are currently on ChexSystems? - You can attend a "Get Checking" workshop to qualify to get a checking account at several participating banks.  For more information call Purdue Extension in Marion County at 317-275-9305 #251.
BIRTH CERTIFICATE - To get a copy of your birth certificate - Click on: Indiana State Department of Health - Birth & Death Certificates or Marriage Certificates or Divorce Records - or visit: Vital Records Department, Indiana State Department of Health, 6 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | or call: 317-233-2700
BONDS, Fidelity - Employers needing a guarantee of honesty when hiring an exoffender - Click on: Federal Bonding Program or call 877-872-5627- The Federal Bonding Program provides Fidelity Bonds to employers that guarantee honesty for “at-risk”, hard-to-place job seekers.  The bonds cover the first six months of employment.  There is no cost to the job applicant or the employer.  For additional information on this program please contact the State Bonding Representative: Ms Andrea de Mink Kaufmann at The Pourhouse, Inc., 55 Monument Circle, Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-507-8982 or 317-264-1833 #210 | 317-264-9813 fax
BUS, See Transportation
BUSINESS, SBA - Click on: The Small Business Administration - they offer several Programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed.  Click on: Your Local SBA Office in Indy.  Visit them at: Indianapolis SBA District Office, 8500 Keystone Crossing, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46240 or Call: 317-226-7272, 317-226-7259 fax
BUSINESS, Want to Start Your Own - If you are exploring business ownership, a good place to start is with the people at the: Business Ownership Initiative.  They can help you determine how you can best move forward.  If you have a question about starting or operating a new business, or you would like to discuss a business issue or problem, the people at the Business Ownership Initiative may be right for you.  To make an appointment for face-to-face or telephone counseling call 317-917-3266. | Visit them at: Willowbrook Office Park, 4755 Kingsway Dr., Suite 314, Indianapolis IN 46205.
CANCER SUPPORT GROUP - Is you or a member of your family is in need of a cancer support group?  Click on: Community Health Network - They have started a new cancer support group via their Regional Cancer Center. It is located at 1400 N. Ritter, Ste. 340, Call: 317-355-5870.  They take patients 18 and older and their families who are affected by any types of cancer.  They meet Monthly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 PM.
CANCER TESTING - Do you or a family member have, or think you may have cancer?  Click on: Little Red Door Cancer Agency | They strive to make the most of life, and the least of cancer, by reducing the physical, emotional and financial burdens of cancer for medically underserved residents of central Indiana. | Who is eligible for help? Little Red Door has committed themselves to serving the uninsured, underserved and medically indigent persons with cancer throughout Indianapolis. | Visit: The Little Red Door Cancer Agency, 1801 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202-1411 | Call: 317-925-5595 voice | 317-925-5597 fax
CELL PHONES - If you need a cell phone and your credit is questionable to most of the big cell phone companies, you can still purchase Pre-Paid Phones at several local  stores.  One of the best deals I have found is the ones available at any Wal Mart stores.  Pre-Paid phones do not require a credit check or a deposit - They are Pay-as-You-Go cell phones.  Click on: Wal Mart Prepaid Cell Phones | List of: Wal Mart stores in Indy
CHEX SYSTEMS - Are you in ChexSystems and want out?  Click on: Chex Systems | Write: Chex Systems, Inc., Consumer Relations, 7805 Hudson Rd, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125 | Call: 800-428-9623 voice | 602-659-2197 fax
CHILD ABUSE - For Information on Child abuse, Click on: Prevent Child Abuse Indiana | Visit: 9130 E Ohio Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46216, 317-542-7002 voice, 317-542-7003 fax | To report child abuse or neglect. PLEASE CALL 800-800-5556
CHILD SUPPORT - Indiana's Child Support Hotline: 800-840-8757 | Click on: Indiana Department of Child Services  The Child Support Bureau helps Indiana's children and families by enforcing the child support obligations of non-custodial parents.  Every child has the right to the care and support of both parents, regardless of their marital status. The Child Support program enforces this right.  Visit: the local DCS Office in Marion County, Region 10, 4150 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46205, Call: 317-968-4300 | Click on: Marion County Prosecutor's Office, Child Support Division The mission of the Marion County Child Support Division Enforcement is to help children in absent parent families obtain the financial support to which they are entitled. Child support enforcement services are available to anyone who wants or needs help in collecting child support., Visit: Marion County Child Support, 251 East Ohio Street, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204, Call: 317-327-1800, 317-327-1801 fax
CHILD SUPPORT, Help with - Just get out of prison and need help in getting some time to get a job, and get on your feet before you have to start making child support payments?  The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic may be able to help.  They are located at 3333 N Meridian Street, Suite 201 in Indy | Call: 317-429-4131
CHURCH'S - Looking for a church? Click on: AreaConnect to find a church in Indy.  A limited list of church's can also be found in any daily newspaper - especially the Sunday edition.
CLOTHING - There area a number of public and private agencies throughout Marion County that provide assistance to Indianapolis residents.  Click on: City Partnerships & Resources | Go to the list of Township Trustees below for the Trustees Office near you.
CLOTHES - Men & Women's Clothes are Needed - Hands of Hope Ministries, Inc. collects adult clothing for the prisons reentry programs.  If you have any men's or women's adult clothing, especially larger sizes, please give us a call at: 317-547-0500 #11 and we will arrange a pickup.  Or, you can drop them by our offices at 7528 Pendleton Pike.
CORRECTIONAL SERVICES - Click on: Home Detention Programs | Community Transition Program | Work Release (Residential) | Mental Health | Day Reporting Community Corrections
COUNTIES (in Indiana) INFORMATION - To get local information on any one of the 92 counties in Indiana, Click on: myLocal.IN.gov
COURTS - Click on: Marion County Courts for basic information on the Courts in Marion County | Click on: List of Courts in Marion County | Write or visit: Office of the Court Administrator, T-1221 City-County Building, 200 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call:  317-327-4747 | 317-327-3844 fax
CREDIT COUNSELING - If you are in need of credit counseling, Click on: Momentive Consumer Credit Counseling Service | Visit: 615 N Alabama St., Suite 134, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-266-3100 or 317-266-1300 | Download there brochure: Momentive's Brochure
CREDIT (HISTORY) REPORT - The three major credit-reporting companies have set up central locations for obtaining free reports from all three companies on line from: Annual Credit Report or 3 Bureau-Credit Reports. | Or, you can call the credit-reporting companies individually at: Trans Union 800-680-7289 | Experian (formerly TRW) 888-397-3742 | Equifax 800-525-6285 | Download the: Annual Credit Report Request Form and mail it to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281, To Request your Credit Report by Phone, Call: 877-322-8228
CRIMINAL RECORDS, Federal - To obtain a copy of your Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal record, Click on: FBI Identification Record Request.  An FBI criminal record is confidential and can not be provided to anyone other than the subject of the fingerprint card.
CRIMINAL RECORDS, State & Local - To obtain your limited criminal history (thru the Indiana State Police) Click here: Criminal History Search | Print out our: Mail in Form | Write: Indiana State Police, Criminal History Limited, P.O. Box 6188, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6188 | Call 317-233-5424 | In the event that arrests have occurred in several jurisdictions, contact your local police department to determine the appropriate state agency to contact.
CRISIS HOTLINES - Need a phone number for a Crisis that you or a family member is going through?  Click on: Crisis Hotlines | Click on: National Runaway Hotline or Call: 800-RUNAWAY | Click on: Missing & Exploited Children or Call: 800-THELOST
DEBIT CARDS - If you do not, or can not, get approved for a credit card, and you do not like carrying a lot of cash from pay check to pay check, you may want to get a Pre-Paid Debit Card.  These pre-paid debit cards act like, and are accepted anywhere VISA & MasterCard is accepted.  There are several banks and check cashing businesses that offer these services. | Click on: ACE Cash Express or ACE Locations in Indy - You can even have your paycheck deposited directly to your card if your employer offers direct deposit. | Click on:  Allied Cash Advance or Allied Locations in Indy | These cards do not have any effect on your credit report.  If you don't put money on the card, you can't take money off the card!
DIRECTORIES, PHONE - Click here for the: White Pages | Click here for the: Yellow Pages | Or Call: 4-1-1 from any phone.
DISABILITY PROGRAMS - Click on: DisabilityInfo.gov.  This web site provides quick and easy access to comprehensive information about disability programs, services, laws and benefits.
D.O.C. (Indiana Department of Correction) - Click on: IN DOC or List of Facilities or List of Services | Visit: 302 W. Washington St., Room E334, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-232-5712 | If you have a complaint against the D.O.C. contact: Indiana DOC Ombudsman Bureau  This bureau is charged with the responsibility of receiving, investigating, and attempting to resolve complaints from offenders housed in DOC facilities or offenders' family members.  Download the: Complaint Form.  |  Currently it costs an average of $52.61 per day ($19,202.65 per year) to keep an adult inmate incarcerated in the State of Indiana.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Latino - Click on: Latino Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence, They Support the Right to Live Without Violence, Their Mission is to promote the awareness and work toward the elimination of domestic and sexual violence and contributing conditions affecting Latino communities across Indiana. | Visit: 300 E Fall Creek Pkwy. N. Dr., Suite 250, Indianapolis, IN 46205 | Call: 317-926-4673 | 317-926-4672 fax
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, Network - Click on: Domestic Violence Network of Greater Indianapolis, Click on: DVNGI Quick Help List, They recommend for Eemergencies or Immediate Help with domestic abuse that you call 317-926-4357 or 211.
DRIVERS LICENSE - To get your Indiana Drivers License - Click on: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles - or Find a License Branch | Download the Drivers Manual | Visit the downtown branch at Fountain Square: 531 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203 | Call: 317-234-0550
DRUG COUNSELING / TREATMENT - Click on: Drug Free Marion County.  Its comprised of concerned citizens dedicated to preventing and reducing the negative consequences from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Marion County.  Drug Free Marion County is located at 2506 Willowbrook Parkway, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46205, 317-254-2815 voice, 317-254-2800 fax | Fairbanks- Inpatient Treatment, 8102 Clearvista Pkwy., Indianapolis, IN 46256, 317-849-8222 | Harbor Light -  Residential Addiction Treatment Program (Salvation Army), 2400 N. Tibbs Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222, 317-972-1450 | Indianapolis Urban League, 777 Indiana Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-693-7603 | Community Addiction Services of Indiana  1125 Brookside Avenue, Suite I, Indianapolis IN 46202, 317-536-7100 or 317-536-7101
EDUCATION - G.E.D. - There are several Adult Education Programs available thru your local school system & some social service organizations.  Click on: Adult Learners | For those who can not attend classes, you can download the G.E.D. handbook Online The G.E.D. online program should not be used for a student who can attend class or to take the place of an instructor. Even though the student will be able to study for the G.E.D. online, teacher assistance and monitoring are required. | Also visit out Educational Categories
EMERGENCY HELP - If you are in danger of any kind, Dial 9-1-1 | Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department 317-327-3811 | Indianapolis Fire Department 317-327-6053 | Indianapolis FBI Office 317-639-3301
ENGLISH CLASSES - You can learn English in Indianapolis thru several organizations: Internexus Indiana, 1400 East Hannah Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227, 317-788-6108 - 317-788-6109 fax | If you want to learn via computer or CD, click on: Rosetta Stone or call: 800-788-0822
FOOD - There area a number of public and private agencies throughout Marion County that provide assistance to Indianapolis residents.  Click on: City Partnerships & Resources | Go to the list of Township Trustees below for the Trustees Office near you.
FOOD STAMPS - For information on the Food Stamp program in Indiana, Click on: Indiana Food Stamp Program | To apply for the Food Stamp Program, contact the local Division of Family Resources Office in your county of residence. | List of Marion County Offices | One office in Indy is: 3524 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208 | Call: 317-931-2920
FORECLOSURES - Are you in danger of losing your home? - Click here for the - Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN). This website was created to provide the thousands of Hoosiers, who may be facing foreclosure with access to free and unbiased information and counseling.  If you would like to provide this information directly to a specialist, call 877-GET-HOPE any day of the week between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:00PM.  Stop the walls from foreclosing in on you or a client. Take a few minutes to get help and to get hope.  Click here to begin or call: 877-GET-HOPE.
FURNITURE ASSISTANCE - There are several organization that can help with home furnishings.  Some furnishings are free and some are at "Thrift Store" prices: St Vincent dePaul Society, 1201 E. Maryland St., Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-687-0169 | Click on: Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center (5 locations), 711 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317-638-6585
GAMBLING - Are you a gambler? Does your gambling cause disruptions or problems in your life such as: psychological, physical, social, spiritual or vocational.  If so, you may need or want help.  Click on: Indiana Council on Problem Gambling | Visit: 309 W Washington St., Suite 234, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-632-1364 or 866-699-4274 | 317-632-1434 fax
GRANTS, for School, etc. - To get information on Federal Grants, Click on: Federal Financial Aid & Grants for Women | Go online for "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (F.A.F.S.A.) Programs, Click on: Federal Student Aid  For assistance with problems or difficulties while using FAFSA on the Web, or for specific questions about the FAFSA, call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 800-433-3243 or 1-319-337-5665.  If you are hearing-impaired and have questions, contact the TTY line at 800-730-8913. | Please Note: If you are currently incarcerated it is important that you apply for these benefits while you are incarcerated because it takes time for this type of funding.
HELP (Connect 2 Help) Information - If you are in need of immediate help and do not have a case worker, social worker, probation/parole officer helping you, you can dial 2-1-1.  Connect2Help is a free and confidential telephone assistance service to help those in need get information about: Food * Housing * Health Care * Employment * Support Groups *  Parenting Counseling * Education * Clothing * Shelter * Volunteering * Legal Aid, ...And Much More! - Simply dial 2-1-1 - Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.  If dialing 2-1-1 does not work from your phone, dial 317-926-4357.
HELPERS, Volunteers, Teachers, Tutors, Mentors (We call them all "Helpers") - Pass on the blessings!  Are you counting your blessings and feel you need or you want to help others.  Others do need your help and there are many, many ways in which you can offer your help.  Money is nice and much needed, but what really is needed is YOU!  Our; Prisons need teachers & mentors, Our Missions need counselors, and Our Churches need volunteers.  Where do you fit in?  This web site, in the coming weeks will offer you several ways on how and where you can help. Please check back regularly. | If you to be a Volunteer at one of the Indiana Department of Correction Facilities, Click on: Volunteer Form to get started now!
HELPERS - VOLUNTEER / Mentoring - If you are interested in being a mentor in Indy, Click on: Trusted Partners - They offer an innovative Mentoring Program for families and individuals in homeless prevention programs in the Indianapolis area | Visit them at 1035 S. New Jersey, Indianapolis, IN 46225 | Call: 317-985-5041
HOSPITALS - Click on: for a list of Hospitals in Indianapolis | Wishard Health Services, 1001 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call: 317-639-6671 | Methodist Hospital, 1701 N Senate Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call 317-929-2000
HOUSING WEB SITES - Homeless & ReEntry Helpers lists over 150 jobs and housing web sites with just one click of your mouse: HRH's list of Jobs & Housing
HOUSING (short term), Shelters / Missions - Click on: Wheeler Missions, 245 N Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317-637-2916 | Salvation Army, 540 N. Alabama St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317-637-5551 | Good News Ministries, 2716 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46201, 317-638-2862 | DaySpring Center, 1537 N. Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202, 317-635-6780 |  Care Center Women's Center (Wheeler Mission), 23 N. Rural St., Indianapolis, IN 46201, 317-637-2916
HOUSING (mid term), For Rent - Click on: Indiana Rental Housing in Indianapolis, or Indiana Rental Housing in All Other Cities -  Indiana Housing is a State Wide Agency that lists Rental Properties (Some Section 8) owned and managed by the private sector.  The site lists both apartments and homes.  This is a free service (no broker fees) but you may have to pay for a credit check, and will probably have to pay a deposit, and the first months rent to get in.
HOUSING (mid term), Section 8 - The Indianapolis Housing Agency administers the federal Housing Choice Voucher program, more commonly known as Section 8.  Housing choice vouchers allow families to choose and lease safe, decent, and affordable privately owned rental housing. | Click on: Section 8 | Visit them at: 1935 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call: 317-261-7201
IMMIGRATION / CITIZENSHIP - Click on: U.S. Immigration Source or Green Card Renewal/Replacement or Immigration Attorneys | This web site has all the forms you need to start becoming a U.S. Citizen. | Visit: US Immigration Naturalization, 46 E Ohio St, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-226-6202
INSURANCE, Auto High-Risk - Several insurance companies have high-risk auto insurance that you may need to get, keep, or reinstate your drivers license.  Click on: Proof of Financial Responsibility Forms | Write or visit the: Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver Improvement, Safety and Responsibility Department, 100 North Senate Avenue, Room N 402,  Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Two insurance agencies are: Mc Bee Insurance, 1809 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 317-351-2800 | A-1 Insurance, 4030 S Emerson Ave., Suite E, Indianapolis, IN 317-787-4995
INSURANCE, Health - Click on: Health Advantage, they offer a managed care program providing high quality, seamless medical care to low-income and uninsured residents of Indianapolis.  All Marion County residents that fall at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level and do not qualify for any other assistance program are eligible. | Click on: Wishard Advantage Program, only for Marion county residents. Click here for a : List of Locations, or Visit: the Primary Care Center at 1002 Wishard Boulevard in Indy, or Call: 317-692-2300
INSURANCE, Marion County Health Department - Do you or someone you know need LOW-COST (or possibly free) Health Insurance?  A Community Outreach Worker with Covering Kids and Families of Central Indiana is available to help you.  Covering Kids and Families partners with schools, hospitals, clinics and various other community programs to assist children and families with their healthcare needs.  Click on: Covering Kids for a PDF flyer.  Call: 317-221-3185 to set up an appointment.  
INTERPRETERS Sign & Language - If you need an interpreter for personal or business purposes, Click on: xxx, language, interpretation & translation services | Visit: xxx
JAIL or PRISON - Looking for friends or family members in jail or prison!
  Marion County Jail - Click on: Visit the Inmate Information page or call the jail at: 317-327-1574 - The Marion County Jail is located at 40 S. Alabama St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 \ 317-327-1700.
  Indiana Department of Correction - Click on: Visit the Offender Locator page

  Federal Bureau of Prisons - Click on: Inmate Locator | The Terre Haute Federal Correctional Complex
JOBS WEB SITES - Homeless & ReEntry Helpers lists over 150 jobs and housing web sites with just one click of your mouse: HRH's list of Jobs & Housing
JOBS, Employment - WorkOne's IndianaCareerConnect.com  |  IN DOC Job Fairs  |  State of IN Jobs  |  City of Indy & M/C Jobs  |  Indy Star - Jobs in Indy  |  NUVO - Jobs in Indy  |  American Classified - Jobs in Indy  |  Kijiji - Jobs in Indy  |  Indianapolis Recorder - Jobs in Indy  |  Indy Employment Guide - Jobs in Indy  |  Indiana Job Fairs  | Other Jobs Web Sites
JOBS, Employment - Anyone coming out of the prison system in need of a job should register with WorkOne ASAP!   Call or visit them today!  To view some videos on how WorkOne can help you find a job, Click on: WorkOne Video |
WorkOne - More than just the Unemployment Office!
Your One-Stop Careen Center offers:
  1)  Resume Development  2) Information on what jobs are "hot"
  3)  Identification of the skills businesses value  4)  Individual career counseling
  5)  Workshops on the best ways to get back to work
  6)  Job Posting and Job Referrals  7)  Help in getting your GED
  8)  Upgrade you job skills  9)  Customized programs for job seekers with disabilities
10)  Career Resource Area offering computer access, current labor market and career planning information, and a media/software library
Please call for additional information please visit: WorkOne or call: 317-358-4501
LATINOS (Spanish) - The Latino community has combined it's information organizations into a single new organization, La Plaza, Inc.  Click on: La Plaza Their mission is to serve, empower and integrate the Central Indiana Latino community. | Visit them at: 8902 E. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN 46226 | Call: 317-890-3292 | 317-898-4397 fax
LEGAL AID - Providing Free Legal Services to the Low-Income & Elderly of Indiana - Click on: Indiana Legal Services | Visit: Market Square Center, 151 North Delaware, Suite 1800, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-631-9410 or 800-869-0212 | 317-631-9775 fax
LEGISLATORS, Federal - To contact your U.S. Congress Person, Click on: Congressional Email Directory - Call the U.S. Capital at: 202-224-3121
LEGISLATORS, State - To contact your Local Congress Person, Click on: Indiana General Assembly | Indiana House of Representatives, 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2786, 317-232-9600 | Indiana State Senate, 200 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2785, 317-232-9400 or 800-382-9467
MEDICAID - Click on: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services | Important Medicaid Numbers to Know | Call the HCE Indianapolis office at: 317-347-4500
MEDICARE - Click on: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services | For People with Medicare | What Medicare Covers | Call: 800-288-1499
MEDICAL TREATMENT - Click on: Wishard Health Services - Wishard has been charged with and committed to providing health care to the residents of Marion County.  Wishard has established a Primary Care network consisting of its Primary Care Center and six Community Health Centers throughout Indianapolis where residents engage in primary care during ambulatory rotations and in continuity clinic settings. | Visit: Wishard Health Services, 1001 W Tenth St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call the operator for more information at 317-639-6671
MEDICAL PRESCRIPTIONS, Discounted - To get information on discounted pharmaceutical drugs - Click on: CVS CareMark | Call: 877-321-2652 to speak with a Customer Care representative.  Most major retail pharmacy chains such as Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart and Rite Aid will accept this prescription discount card.
MENTAL HEALTH, Depression - Click on: Adult & Child Mental Health Center  8320 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46227 | 317-882-5122 or 877-882-5122 | 317-888-8642 fax
MILITARY - Ever thought about joining the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or the MARINES - Click here: to get more information, or visit a recruiter near you.
NOTARY PUBLIC - If you need a Notary Public to Notarize your documents most banks and attorneys office usually have a Notary or two around.
PAROLE - Click on: Indiana Parole Districts for state wide Information, addresses & phone numbers | For Marion County Write: 1535 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Call: 317-234-1931 or 317-234-1939 | For the rest of the State, Write: 501 W. Main St., Plainfield, IN 46168 | Call: 317-839-7751
PREGNANCY PROGRAMS Click on: St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services can help you with this decision and many others.  Visit them at: 2500 Churchman Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46203 or Call: 317-787-3412 or 800-499-9113 - 317-787-0482 fax | Click on: Planned Parenthood Locations, 3750 North Meridian Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46208 Call: 317-925-6747
PROBATION - U.S. Probation Office Southern District of Indiana - Information; addresses & phone numbers | In Indy call: 317-327-3059
PUBLIC DEFENDER , Marion County - Click on: Public Defender | Visit: 151 N Delaware St., Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-327-4100 | 317-327-3799 fax | Are you considering representing yourself in an upcoming case, please view this: Going Pro Se Video
SCHOOLS, School Records - Need your school records from a Indianapolis Public Schools? - Click on: List of Schools | or visit: the John Morton-Finney Center for Educational Services, Administrative Building at 120 E. Walnut St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-226-4000
SELECTIVE SERVICE - Every male citizen between the ages of 18 and 26 years of age an every other male of like age legally residing in the US is required to register with the Selective Service System.  Those who are past 26 and have been incarcerated during the period 18-26 are exempt.  You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number.
SEX & VIOLENT OFFENDERS REGISTRY - Click on: Indiana Sheriff's Department is required by Law to jointly establish and maintain the Indiana Sheriffs' Sex Offender Registry that will provide detailed information about individuals who register as sex or violent offenders at Indiana sheriff departments (or, in Marion County, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department). | Click on: Sex & Violent Offender Registry Information | Visit or Write: Indiana Sex Offender Registry, 302 W. Washington St., Indiana Government Center South, E334, Indianapolis, IN 46204, Call: 317-232-1232, 317-233-1474 fax
SMOKING, Stop - Click on: The Costs of Smoking: If you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes per day for 40 years, you will spend $116,800!  Most people will not accumulate that much for retirement.  On average, smoking reduces adult life expectancy by 14 years. | Click on: Ways to Stop Smoking St Vincent's Heart Center of Indiana | Click on: Freedom from Smoking Classes American Lung Association, (Corporate FFS classes only) 115 W. Washington St, St 1180-S, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or Call: 317-819-1181
SOCIAL SECURITY CARD - To check on your Social Security Records - Click on: Social Security Administration You must have a valid Social Security Card to get this information. | To get information on a lost SS Card or a copy of your SS Card, Click on: Social Security Card | Visit: the Social Security Office in Downtown Indianapolis at: 575 N. Pennsylvania St., Rm. 685, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 800-772-1213 or (317-226-7983 TTD) | 317-226-6665 fax | To Print the Application Form you will need to get a Social Security Card, Click on: SS-5 Form
SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS - Find benefits you may be entitled to from Social Security, Click on: Start Here You must have a valid Social Security Card to get this information. - Visit: the Social Security Office in Downtown Indianapolis at: 575 N. Pennsylvania St., Rm. 685, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 800-772-1213, or 317-226-7983 TTD | 317-226-6665 fax
SSI - Click on: What is SSI? | Do you qualify for Supplemental Security Income? - Download a: Brochure on SSI. | If you are applying for SSI, you can complete a large part of your application by Clicking on the: Social Security web site.  You must have a valid SS Card to get these services.  You also can call us toll-free at 800-772-1213 to ask for an appointment with a Social Security representative.
STATE ID CARD - To get an Indiana State ID Card - Click on: Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Find a License Branch - There is no charge for these cards.
TAXES, Internal Revenue Services (IRS) - To download tax forms, Click on: IRS Quick Forms - For additional information, Click on: IRS Information | To find your local IRS office, Click on: IRS Locations | Visit the local IRS offices at: 575 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, Call 317-685-7500
TAX CREDITS - Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) - is a federal tax credit program that offers incentives to employers (up to $2,400) who hire individuals who have consistently had difficulty in securing and retaining employment.  The credit helps offset the federal tax liability of private, for-profit employers. | Visit or write: WOTC Program Coordinator, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, WOTC - SE311, 10 N Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Call: 317-232-7746 | For more information go to: Work Opportunities Tax Credit (WOTC)
TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES, Marion County - Persons needing assistance such as food, utility assistance, clothing, household goods and supplies, medical care, rent assistance, shelter, transportation, funeral and burial expenses should contact their local Township Trustees Office. To locate your local Township Trustees Office, Click on: Locate Your Trustee. Or, if you know the name of your Trustee, Click on, visit or call:
  Center Township - 863 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317-633-3610
  Decatur Township - 5410 South High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46221, 317-856-6600
  Franklin Township - 6231 South Arlington Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46237, 317- 780-1700
  Lawrence Township - 9001 East 59th Street, Suite 101, Indianapolis, IN 46226, 317-545-7860
  Perry Township - 4925 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227, 317-788-4810
  Pike Township - 5665 Lafayette Road, Suite C, Indianapolis, IN 46254, 317- 291-5801
  Warren Township - 501 North Post Road, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46219, 317-897-2071
  Washington Township - 5117 North Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46228, 317-252-5222
  Wayne Township - 5401 West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46241, 317-241-4191
TRAFFIC TICKETS - If you need to pay traffic tickets on line, Click on: Traffic Ticket Payment System | Visit: Traffic Court (Court 13) 9049 E. 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46229 | Call: 317-327-5738,
TRANSPORTATION, Bus - To get around in Indy by Bus (our city bus/transportation service) - Click on: IndyGo | or Click on Route or a Schedule to check on a schedule, or call: 317-635-3344.
TRANSPORTATION, To Prisons - Is one of your family members in one of Indiana's prisons?  Need a ride?  Call: "Use What You've Got Prison Ministries" at: 317-924-4124.  Their mission is to keep families connected by providing transportation for prison visitation, while promoting family wellness through; education, supportive resources and spiritual enhancement.  For additional information, Click on: Use What You've Got Prison Ministries
UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - To apply for unemployment benefits, Click on: Uplink CSS or if you don't have internet access, go to your nearest full service WorkOne Center as soon as you become unemployed. You will be required to report your last employer's name, mailing address, phone number & dates of employment as well as your address, social security number & phone number.
UTILITIES ASSISTANCE - Persons needing utility assistance should contact their local Township Trustee's office.  Click on: List of Township Trustees | Also See our  Household Services page.
UTILITIES, Indianapolis - Moving in or around Indianapolis?  Need to connect to utilities?  Click on: MoveIndianapolis | Order or move your home phone, cable TV, satellite TV, electricity, high-speed Internet and more.
VETERANS EMPLOYMENT - Click on: Veteran Careers to view the largest Veteran Job Board in the World where you can find employers looking for military experience. | Click on: Military.com to visit the Military.com web site. This web site has information on all branches of service and their benefits to their veterans, including all the latest Military News.
VETERANS SERVICES - Veterans Affairs & Benefits - Click on: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | Veterans Health Care Benefits | U.S. Vet Center | Indianapolis Vet Center | Visit: 3833 N. Meridian Street, Suite 120, Indianapolis, IN 46208 | Call: 317-988-1600 | 317-988-1617 fax | You should also check with WorkOne Veterans Services.  Indiana is committed to providing quality employment services and Veteran preference through its WorkOne Centers’ knowledgeable staff. These services provide Veterans with the necessary information they need to find and secure suitable employment and make the transition from the military to the civilian workforce.  Money for Training is available for eligible veterans.
VETERANS, Military Records & your DD-214 - Click on: Request Copies of Military Personnel Records or The Road to Acquire Your DD214 | Click on: Download the Standard Form #180 and mail it to: The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records, 9700 Page Ave., St. Louis, MO  63132-5100
VOTERS REGISTRATION - Click on: How to Register to Vote - Download Indiana Voter Registration Application - Marion County Election Board | Visit: Board of Voter Registration, 200 E. Washington St., City-County Building, Suite W131, Indianapolis, IN 46204 | Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (M-F) | Call: 317-327-5040 | 317-327-5042 fax | If you are homeless or have a non-traditional form of residence such as a shelter or RV, you can still register to vote.  The state of Indiana does not limit your ability to vote in ANY election – Federal or Local - if you have a felony conviction or criminal history background – REGISTER & VOTE – it is important & your vote does count – the only way to change the system is to make your voice heard - REGISTER & VOTE!

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