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Homeless & ReEntry Helpers Needs Your Help!
HRH is Asking You to be Part of the Solution!

Our Future Sponsors information & Logo's will be displayed in this section.

Donations, Contributions and loans that have allowed HRH and me to get started.
Omega Design Jim Henke & Jesse Tremain Fern Hawkins Judy & Gary Williams Nona & Mike Reecer
Ron Wilson Mike Burns Anna Wilson Bob Cole Eric Arnold
Phil & Carol Kehrer David & Elaine Hamer Charlotte Walters Gary Arnold CB Richard Ellis
Bill & Via Goodrich
Horizon Christian Church
Torrance Dunn
Foundation of Truth
Tom Pollack
Metro Baptist Center
Bob Cosby
Faith & Family Baptist Church
Peggy Frame
Training Inc.
Bill Lamp Gene Miller Gregg Keesling John Kirby Fred Printz
Gary McGriff & Eric Ahlbrand
The ADEO Group
Lena Hackett
Community Solutions
John, Dan & Leonard
Virtual Scavengers
Tom Polack
Metro Baptist Center
Lions Club
Joyce McCoy Dave & Kathryn Irving Best Rentals Philip Aaron  
Kathy Albright
Meet Me Under the Bridge
Merlin Gonzales
Faith Hope & Love
Several Investors a/k/a
HRH's Housing Partners
Donna Prince & Judith Wray
JDG Indi Properties
Dave Lindsey & Jacquelyn O'Keefe
Defender Direct
Second Helpings Kroger Gleaners    
Additional Donations Welcome: Homeless & ReEntry Helpers, Inc. is an Indiana 501 (c) (3) Private, Non-Profit organization, qualified by the IRS to receive tax-deductible contributions.  You can donate thru our web site, or you can send your check payable to “HRH” to the above address.  Our Fed ID #: 26-2548161 | Our State of Indiana Not-for-Profit ID #: 0133925595 | Our DUN #: 828277835 | To date, we HAVE NOT received any local government dollars, foundation-based grants, or sponsorships.  We have survived from the above family and friends in-kind donations and contributions.

If you have any further questions,
please give me a call at 317-632-0500
Thank you, Don Hawkins
Founder & Executive Director

HRH is a 501 (c) (3)
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